This is what our clients are saying about us..........

(Listings are in no specific order)

DHK Architects

"A very professional team to work with, a reliable outfit & an obvious choice when it comes to the surveying, measuring & drawing of existing/historic buildings" - Joe Struwig - DHK Architects

DHK Think Space

"Colin, and the Linea team, are always a pleasure to deal with and provide an invaluable service"- Trevor Shapiro - DHK Thinkspace

Greg Wright Architects

"Would definitely recommend them to any architectural firm" - Greg Scott - Greg Wright Architects

KMH Architects

"These guys are professional" - Sean Hayden - KMH Architects

Life Architecture + Interiors

"We recommend Linea for fantastic 3D renderings" - Clinton Bush - Life Architecture + Interiors

Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects

"Good company to work with" - Philip Olmesdahl - Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects

Three 14 Architects

"Linea - professional, impressive and reliable As Built Drawings. An asset to any firm" - Sian Fisher + Kim Benatar - Three 14 Architects

Antoni Associates Interiors & Architecture

"Antoni Associates always use Linea for our council drawings" - Mark Rielly - Antoni Associates Interiors & Architecture

Alan Walt Architects

"Great asset to our firm" - Alan Walt - Alan Walt Architects


"Linea ease the drama of getting existing buldings surveyed and dealing with council" - Michael P. Borgstrom - Archilab

Arthur Quinton Darryl Croome Architects

"Professional and efficient" - Darryl Croome - Arthur Quinton Darryl Croome Architects

Design Scape Architects

"These guys are fantastic when it comes to As-Built Drawings" - Thabani Gumede - Design Scape Architects

Dennis Fabian Burman Architects

"Council submissions are a dream with these guys" - Dennis Fabian - Dennis Fabian Burmen Architects

Stauch Vorster Architects

"Our number one choice when it comes to measuring existing buildings" - Courage Karenyi - Stauch Vorster Architects

Joe van Rooyen Architects

"If you need As-Built Drawings. these are the guys to use" - Joe van Rooyen - Joe van Rooyen Architects


Claude Bailey Architects

"Linea is a pleasure and ease to work with. Physical distances are irrelevant when using thier VNC system - it is incredible!!" - Anna Bailey - Claude Bailey Architects

Paolo Deliperi Architects

"I have used Linea for 'as-built' drawings and have found their service delivery to be most professional and would not hesitate in recommending them" - Paolo Deliperi - Paolo Deliperi Architects




Slabber Fick Associates Quantity Surveyors

"A professional, efficient outfit, and a great team to work with" - Michael and Fran Slabber - Slabber Fick Associates Quantity Surveyors

Cecile & Boyd´s Interior Design

"Council submission & measuring existing buildings: WHAT A DREAM!" - Lucille van der Spuy - Cecile & Boyd's Interior Design

Boogertman + Partners Architects

"We have been very impressed by the service we have received from Colin and his staff at Linea" - Stephen Whithead - Boogertman + Partners Architects

Decadent Design

"Working with Linea is a very professional and stress free exercise. I love the way they treat even the smallest projects as an important priority. I would recommend them to any Interior Designer or anyone who needs plans drawn up" - Lucy Stephenson - Decadent Design

Flagstone Architectural Services

"Colin, it is always a pleasure to deal with Linea. Your professional and proficient approach to our projects is greatly appreciated" - Conner Kinsella - FLAGSTONE Architectural Services



Shabangu Architects

"I can highly recommend Linea for the production of Construction Documentation Drawings" - Chris Shabangu - Shabungu Architects

LYT Architecture

"Always confident of reliable service and accurate production of As-Built Drawings - Patrick Nayler - LYT Architecture

Blueprint Architects

"Linea delivers excellent service to us for survey and as-built drawing work on large projects" - Rod Stevens - Blueprint Architects



Jacobs Parker Architects

"We’ve worked with Linea on several fast-tracked projects, often requiring immediate implementation with extremely tight timeframes. Professionalism, quality of work and personal attention are qualities we look for when working with companies, and Linea has raised the bar on all fronts" - Waheed Parker - Jacobs Parker Architects

Fairbairn Architecture

"If you're looking for a no nonsense, hands on straightforward professional service provider who delivers the detail on time, then this is your stop" - Kim Fairbairn - Fairbairn Architecture 

Studio Mas Architects

"Friendly, great, reliable team to work with" - Sean Mahoney - Studio Mas Architects



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